Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Today I am officially the only male in my family under 30 years old! That means today Jimmy officially turns 30! Happy birthday Jimmy!

Although I’m pretty sure he destroyed some of my favorite Hot Wheel cars with his BB gun, I still love him. He has been a wonderful example and a good friend to me. Jimmy lives so closely to the ideals and values he cherishes. He epitomizes gospel living.

The night before Brad’s farewell, the boy cousins and I had a little fun with Jimmy. Naturally, all of the Farmer kids were kicked out of our rooms to make room for the aunts and uncles to sleep. The boy cousins and I were placed in the same room with Jimmy to sleep the night away. While Jimmy was sleeping, we had a competition to see how many snack food items we could fit in Jimmy’s mouth, ears, and nose before he woke up. To this day, I don’t know if it was the pretzel in the ear or the peanut in the nose that roused him awake.

Fast forward about ten years to another farewell time, this time it was mine. I remember being in the car with Jimmy a few days before I left on my mission. He asked me several questions about how I was feeling and he shared some simple experiences from his mission that really calmed my fears. I really felt greater excitement and less uncertainty from my conversation with him. That’s the kind of brother Jimmy has always been.

Happy birthday Jim! I love you!

P.S. (Can you “P.S.” on a blog?) I don’t have any embarrassing pics of Jimmy. I thought about just posting a pic of me since we look so much alike but I decided against it.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Girl!

Fifteen years ago I was hoping for a dog. Instead I got a sister.

What I didn’t know back then I can’t imagine life without now. Today is Marissa’s 14th birthday and it truly is a celebration of a great life! She has grown up into quite the young lady!

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be around her. I never had the “I’m too cool for my younger sister” feeling probably because she’s always been more of a friend to me than anything else.

I remember losing her when I was 12 or 13 years old. I was put in charge of watching her for a few minutes but soon she had disappeared from my sight and I had no idea where she had gone. After frantically searching for her, I finally found her playing peacefully in the sandbox. The rush of relief I felt when I saw her overtook me! When I think of fear, worry, and panic, I think of the moment I lost my little sister. I could not at that time, nor at any time since that day, imagine my life in the absence of Marissa.

With me in college, we’ve still found a way to keep close. When I’m able to go home for the weekend, we like to stay up and watch movies on the couch downstairs. Rarely does the movie finish without us first falling asleep. Several months ago, she came down and spent a good part of the weekend with me in Provo. We had a good time plays nertz and making gagging gestures at the main character of the Aida play we watched. It was a great weekend!

Her life has never been easy but she’s been a champ through it all. By her actions, she has set a great example for her little nieces and nephews and older siblings to follow. She is beginning to realize more and more the wonderful gifts and talents that she has been blessed with. What has been invisible to her for so long has been crystal clear to all her know her best. She has and will do wonderful things in her life!

Happy birthday to a wonderful aunt, daughter, sister, and friend! I love you!