Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've Been Tag-Teamed!!!

My blog is now back by popular demand. I'll post again in a couple of months!

Ten Years Ago...
I could frequently be found playing basketball on my driveway. I was automatic from my sweet spot from a cracked spot on my driveway that was shaped like Africa. Buzzer-beaters were my specialty. I was probably somewhat annoying to my older sister, Jill, and was probably somewhat annoyed by my little sister, Marissa. I have repented from both. I would often daydream of what life would bring to me.

5 Things on My To-Do-List:
Spend time doing nothing
Get 8 hours of sleep
Watch the Jazz sweep the Rockets
Start/finish my education proposal
Go on a second date

What Would I Do If I Were Suddenly Made a Millionaire?
My first impression would be to pay someone to blog for me but than I realized that with that kind of money, I can do better. I would probably hire an entire production crew to follow me around all day and document visually my entire life. They would catch the incredible drama that I face each day when I have to decide whether I will eat Frosted Flakes or an older box of Frosted Flakes for breakfast. They would capture the mediocrity of my school classes and the restlessness of my missionaries when I’m teaching at the MTC. When I go home for the evening, they wouldn’t be surprised to find me again facing a difficult decision: should I have grilled cheese or macaroni and cheese for dinner? All of this excitement would surely be followed by a rousing chapter in the latest book I’m reading. What a plot! An instant blockbuster!

4 Bad Habits:
Pulling my hangnails
Teasing my engaged roommate
Snoozing my alarm for thirty minutes everyday
Wearing too many t-shirts

5 Jobs I’ve Had:
Soccer Scapegoat (referee)
Grocery Transportation Specialist (Bagger)
Quality Control Specialist (warehouse worker)
Cattle Driver (EFY Counselor)
Preacher Teacher (MTC Teacher)

Places I’ve Lived:
Centerville, Utah
Provo, Utah
Orlando, Florida
Jerusalem, Israel

Things I Like to Do:
I love the simple life...friends and family, food, games and good conversation. With 2.5 engaged roommates, I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent talking to them about their relationships. Late nights are fun, early mornings come too soon. A good book can be my best friend and a sink full of dirty dishes is often my best listener. Ah, the simple life...